x sfondo biennale

Studio Magnabosco
Atelier di Architettura

Via Europa 3
Monticello Conte Otto
Tel: 0039 0444 596316

Biennale 2016 – up! Marghera on stage



UP! Marghera on Stage.
Padiglione Venezia.

Collaborazione con gli studi Babau Bureau e Cardo et Decumanus in occasione della 15esima Biennale di Architettura di Venezia.

The ideal city has to be imagined. The real city has to be conquered.

POLIORCETICON is a permanent process that involves transformative heterogeneous-and-punctual actions in the territory in order to provoke systemic reactions and relations between the parts of the contemporary city.

1 up marghera 2 up marghera 3_


Luca Iuorio (cardoetdecumanus)

Giacomo Magnabosco

Stefano Tornieri (Babau Bureau)

Massimo Triches (Babau Bureau)


Elena Baradel

Fabio Barile

Chiara Davino

Gabriele Guarisco

Beatrice Scarparo

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